Backup and Disaster Recovery

If your computer died mid-afternoon or your iPad mysteriously vanished, what would it actually cost you in lost productivity and worse - lost data?

The growth of Apple products in business continues to expand — and so does the risk for those businesses. Many choose Apple products because they are pleasant to use. But no matter how nice, the importance of having backups and a disaster recovery plan is still pivotal. Most businesses don’t realize this until an incident has already occurred, at which point the damage has already been done. Is your business protected?

Fully Automated Backups

Put your concerns to rest as our backup systems handle the heavy lifting. Our cutting-edge technology maintains a fresh backup at all times, and it even monitors the status of the backups to ensure that there is never too long a time between backups.

Fast Recovery

It’s not a question of IF, but a question of WHEN data loss will occur. A drive suddenly fails without warning, an inadvertent liquid spill brings premature death, or a natural event wreaks havoc. Fear not - we can bring a backup online and get you back up and running in minutes.

Disaster Recovery Plans

When an unforeseeable disaster strikes, many businesses find themselves paralyzed from the loss of information and equipment. As part of our service, we provide full disaster recovery plans to highlight how your business can be back up and running quickly after a disaster.

Peace of Mind

People don’t hesitate to buy insurance for their homes, automobiles, and businesses. Having a good backup and disaster recovery plan is no different; it provides peace of mind that you are protected and your invaluable electronic information will be safe, no matter what happens.

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